One from the archive!

We found this on YouTube and thought we’d share – just one example of a packed centre, good vibes and unity in the community!

Copy taken from Saffron Sounds YouTube page.

“Big clash between Coventry’s top 2 sounds: Black Crusader was established in 1989 and was formerly known as ‘King Alpha’ and Mackabee Studio was Established in 1981 and is still going strong and competing in sound clashes today. The Black Crusader crew in this video includes Briggy (Manager & owner), Tippa Ranks(on the mic), Daddy Coconut (DJ – chatting lyrics) and more.

Mackabee Studio includes Daddy Sly (Manager & owner), Mikey Magic (on the mic), Asher Banton, Nelson Irie, Redda Crucial, Errol Judah, Isiah etc.

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